Intergalactic Trade War -Bounty Hunter

Year 2019 

The work "Intergalactic Trade War - Bounty Hunter” is about trade war between different countries.

In need of a superhero

Year 2020

The world is in need of a superhero, especially in hard times. This is illustrated in Lisa Törner’s new artwork with this popular superhero. Here he appears before the cover of the Wall Street Journal, amidst dark headlines, on a day when the crisis became real to the world.

Wall Street

Year 2019 by

The ostriches on the artwork Wall Street was chosen as a symbol of the bankers on Wall Street.

The Vultures on Wall Street

Year 2020

The vulture is a scavenging bird of prey that could symbolize some ruthless players on Wall Street.

Monkey Business

Year 2019

The work ”Monkey Business” was chosen as a symbol of the bankers on Wall Street and the way business sometimes works around the world.

Stealth Black Panther

Year 2019

Behind the work Stealth Black Panther is an article about a mother and a son who were separated during the split of North and South Korea over 50 years ago. The panther symbolize the son's escape from North Korea.

RIP Karl Lagerfeld

Year 2019 

This artwork was sketched shortly after Karl Lagerfeld passed away as a homage. The peacock symbolize the fashion industry and Mr. Lagerfeld himself who always was dressed up.  

Rouge Trader

Year 2019

Storm troopers trade as well.

Intergalactic Trade War

Year 2019 

The work "Intergalactic Trade War" is about the trade war between China and the US right now where a Star Wars environment was chosen with the AT-AT and X-Wing fighting.

Debt Collector

Year 2020 

Greedo, a bounty hunter character in Star Wars world, was chosen as a symbol of the debt collector that will punish us humans if we don’t take the social distancing exhortation seriously during the covid-19 pandemic.


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