Lisa Törner


“I am fascinated by animals, especially those who are not always

considered beautiful”

"I select topics from different newspapers and

create eccentric artworks that are linked

to the topic"says Lisa Törner"


Lisa Törner, based in Stockholm, has a unique approach to art by incorporating historic financial events

into her work. She communicates through sketches of animals on financial press, creating playful and

exciting yet topical pieces. Her art has garnered international interest, leading to expansion into global

and digital markets. Lisa's ability to stay current with financial market developments and cater to a

client base that values these themes has contributed to her success. She selects topics from

various newspapers to create engaging artworks that resonate with her audience.

Solo exhibitions

2024 July - Southampton Fine Art Fair, Long Island NYC, USA

2024 March - AAF, New York, USA

2023 September - Törner gallery, Sturegallerian, Stockholm, Sweden

2023 October - AAF, Nacka, Sweden

2023 May - Affordible Art Fair, London, UK

2023 March - Eklund Stockholm New York, Stockholm, Sweden

2022-2023 - October - April, NK, Stockholm, Sweden

2022 September - Kunst fur alle, Kopenhagen, Denmark

2022 July - Nordea Masters, Båstad, Sweden

2022 February - June - NK, Stockholm, Sweden

2022 April - Affordible Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 October - Affordible Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 September - Urban Deli, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 June - Brilliant Minds, Stockholm Sweden

2019 February - Oxelösund Konsthall, Oxelösund, Sweden

2018 June - Avanza Bank, Regeringsgatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden

2018 February - Gallery Bokeh, Sturegatan 16 Stockholm, Sweden


Selected group exhibitions

2024 February - Art Unit Gallery, Brussel, Belgium

2024 January - Törner gallery PK HUSET, Stockholm

2023 May - Bitcoin fair 2023, Miami, USA

2022 October -  Bitcoin fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2022 April - Bitcoin 2022 fair in Miami, USA

2020 March - Art on Paper, New York USA

2020 April - Gallery Absolut Art, Hampstead, London, UK

2019 December - Miami Art Basel Nada, Miami USA

2019 October - Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

2019 October - Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 July - Swedish Open, Båstad, Sweden

2019 May - Gallery Absolut Art, Hampstead, London, UK

2019 March - Art on Paper, New York USA

2019 January - Art Bakery at NK, Stockholm Sweden

2019 January - Sturebadet, Stockholm Sweden

2019 January - Formex, Stockholm Sweden


2018 December - Miami Art Basel Nada, Miami USA

2018 December - Batch, San Francisco USA

2018  October - Texas Contemporary, Houston, USA

2018 August - Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, USA

2018 July - Market Art + Design, Hamptons, New York, USA

2018 May - Gallery Absolut Art, Hampstead, London, UK

2018 February - Gallery Creative, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 December - Gallery Absolut Art, Grev Turegatan 3, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 October - Gallery Absolut Art, Nacka Strand, Sweden



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